You are interested in how to get your new book published and we are here to help, to answer your questions and provide resources that we trust will inform and inspire. 


An Overview of Our Services

Literary Management Group is committed to providing excellent support and counsel to authors and publishers of a variety of resources (print, multi-media, and electronic). 

We specialize in representing adult, non-fiction content with a Christian worldview. For all other authors of memoirs, Christian fiction, children's, gift, poetry, illustrated and academic books, we recommend you visit for a complete list of reputable agencies that specialize in representing Christian authors and content.

Our services include:

Literary Representation. Help authors place books with traditional publishers. 

  • Review and assistance in the preparation of proposals based on a proven template that presents features, advantages and benefits so editors can review and quickly determine if your book concept fits their editorial strategy and publishing needs.
  • Development of publisher submission strategy that identifies the list of publishers and editors most likely to be interested in reviewing and publishing your book.
  • Negotiation of optimum terms in publishing contract; terms that are fair for author, and reasonable for publisher, so everyone wins when your book is successfully published.
  • Project management and facilitation with publisher to ensure author's experience, from editorial through marketing and publication, is smooth and understandable.
  • Review of publisher's royalty reporting so author is clear on what the statements mean and confident in their accuracy.

Publishing Consultant. Help clients who own or control intellectual property and want to improve process efficiencies and financial performance. 

  • Needs Assessment of all phases of publishing process including: strategic planning; budgeting; acquisition; editorial; design; production; sales and marketing; fulfillment; customer service; and, financial systems
  • Management mentoring and training.
  • Turn arounds
  • Acquisitions and Sales of Assets 

Author Coaching. Help authors develop their book ideas.

  • Is your idea big enough? How can we make it bigger so it appeals to a wider audience?
  • What is the best way to organize your content so it's easiest to understand?
  • Do you need help writing the manuscript?

Packaging. Help authors who want to self-publish their books

  • Development of content from manuscript through delivery of bound books to customer including edit, design, production, and fulfillment
  • Sales and Marketing guidance and counsels of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.